HVAC and Covid-19 Re-opening Strategy


Now that many Las Vegas businesses are re-opening, it is important to consider the role of HVAC for any company that welcomes employees or customers into and indoor facility. Whether you operate an office, warehouse, casino, restaurant, or shop, ensuring the air inside your work space is safe is key. This is especially true now that studies are revealing that the virus that causes Covid-19 can remain airborne indoors in concentrations that may lead to infections.

Standard air filtration commonly found in residential HVAC systems, as well as in basic commercial systems will not filter out dangerous virus particles. They are too small to be caught inside the filters. Fortunately, most commercial systems can either be refitted or upgraded to accommodate more robust filters. The gold standard for air filters is the HEPA filter. It can capture up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and virus particles. The density of HEPA filters makes them impractical for residential installations that lack the capacity to handle the increased air flow resistance that results from their use. This can also be the case for smaller, light-duty commercial installations.

Home Air Conditioning Las Vegas specializes in commercial HVAC sales and service. We can inspect your commercial HVAC system to determine whether it can handle HEPA filters as-is or be upgraded for the task. This includes checking your compressor, fans, inspecting the integrity of ducts, verifying the size of filter placements, and more. We can then make any necessary adjustments, specify and install the correct HEPA filters to provide you, your employees, and customers with the best protection possible.

In the event that installation of HEPA filters is not practical at your location, we can suggest an alternative in the form of MERV filters. A MERV filter rated at 11 or above can be nearly as effective as a HEPA filter.

Adding HEPA or MERV filters to your HVAC system and ensuring the integrity of your duct work can play an important role in a plan to keep your facility safe for re-opening and operation during the current pandemic and beyond. Give Home Air Conditioning Las Vegas a call at 702.878.8367 to learn more or schedule an appointment.