Heating System Tune-ups

Why Do You Need a Heating Tune-up?
Your heating and cooling system is probably the most expensive system in your home. Between the cost of all the hardware and the hours it takes to properly install all the components, your heating and cooling system is a major investment in comfort. So why wouldn’t you spend a little bit of money each year to keep it running properly?

Maintain Your Heating System
You don’t think twice about getting the oil in your car changed every 3,000 miles. And unlike your vehicle, your home actually increases in value. The better shape it’s in, the better condition your home will be too! Needless to say, your health is the most important thing of all. This is why it is best to regularly maintain your heating and cooling system. Some things you can do yourself, such as changing the filters regularly; however when it comes to servicing your system, it nest to leave it to trained professionals.

What is a Heating System Tune-up?
Our trained professional heating technicians check the heating unit along with all the associated ducts, gas lines and electrical connections. Each part is important to the efficiency of your heating system as wells as the safety of your family. Professional maintenance and system inspections will optimize the systems burners and the blower, eliminate leaks from the inflow and exhaust ducts as well as verify that all electrical connections are properly contained and that there are no dangerous gas connector leaks.

Having a functioning heating system is important; having it fail for even one night can result in more than just a cold night’s sleep for your family. Having a pipe burst and flood your house can cause much more costly damages. Having your system inspected and maintained before the winter season begins will ensure a worry free season, and having it services after the winter season is over will find any glitches that may become a problem later on.