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HVAC Maintenance Plans

If you want to avoid costly major repairs, you should consider a HVAC Maintenance Plan from Home Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. For a low monthly fee, Home Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. will help you maintain your entire HVAC system -including the ductwork!

Our air conditioning and heating service technicians will provide you with regular, comprehensive 20-point inspections designed to keep your HVAC system running in tip-top shape. Having an air conditioning and heating maintenance plan can help prevent costly and inconvenient repair work later on.

Air Conditioning

  • Air leakage inspection (package units only)
  • Compressor amps inspection
  • Condenser coil inspection & cleaning (water only)
  • Condenser fan motor inspection
  • Condenser fan motor run capacitor inspection
  • Control compartment cleaning
  • Fan belt inspection & adjusted as needed
  • Filter replacement or cleaning
  • Freon level inspections
  • General wear, rust & deterioration inspection
  • Inspect condenser fan blade for wear & balance
  • Inspect exposed fittings if freon level is low
  • Motor amps inspection
  • Safety controls inspection
  • Starter contacts, switches & relay inspection
  • Starting components inspection
  • Temperature differential inspection
  • Terminal connection tightening
  • Thermostat calibration inspection
  • Complete cycle operation check


  • Adjust air for clean & efficient burner function as needed
  • Blower motor bearings inspection
  • Blower motor run capacitor inspection
  • Burners inspection & cleaning
  • Calibration of thermostat inspection
  • Combustion motor inspection
  • Fan belt inspection & adjusted as needed
  • Fan/limit control inspection
  • Filter replacement or cleaning
  • Flame roll out control inspection
  • Flue pipe & connections inspection
  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Ignition controls inspection
  • Inside of unit cleaning
  • Motor amps inspection
  • Pilot inspection & cleaning
  • Safety controls inspection
  • Thermocouple inspection
  • Vent cap inspection
  • Complete cycle operation check

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