Air Conditioning Replacement

Rely on Knowledgable Technicians for AC Replacement
The cost of air conditioning installation can vary according to what type of unit you are looking to install. Our technicians will be able to determine what type of air conditioning unit works best for your Las Vegas home and specific situation. They will then be able to estimate the cost of air conditioning installation or replacement for you. Remember that getting proper installation is essential to getting the most from your new equipment. When replacing HV/AC equipment, bigger doesn’t always mean better. If the unit is too large for your home, you will be less comfortable and might actually have higher utility bills. Over-sized equipment will operate in short run cycles, not allowing the unit to reach efficient operation and remove humidity from the air. This results in an uncomfortable home!

Quality AC Replacement and Installation
Home Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. has excelled in the residential market by installing over 10,000 custom, new, and replacement air conditioning and heating installations. We specialize in installing the most reliable and efficient equipment on the market today insuring that long-term maintenance costs are kept to a minimal.

Our installation department has professional, knowledgeable, and courteous staff members who can guide and inform you throughout your installation process. From our initial visit to the final visit, our installation technicians are responsible and conscientious employees that respect your home and property. They will provide you with quality workmanship, and also a 21 point inspection upon completion of your installation. Remember Home Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. will NEVER subcontract your HV/AC work.

We install the following:

Air Conditioning
Split Systems
Evaporative coolers
Duct-work systems
Zoning systems
Air cleaners (Electronic, Hepa and Electro-static)
Electrical service panel upgrades

Other services we offer in addition to your installation include: energy load calculations, duct pressure testing and sealing, and air balancing. (These services are optional and if offered may include additional fees.) Contact Home Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. today for an evaluation of your existing system. Now is the best time to retire your old equipment and upgrade your system to a NEW ENERGY EFFICIENT system. No matter your situation, we will take care of you! Add-on (adding air conditioning to your existing system) Change-out (replacement of your existing central heating and air conditioning system) Cut-in (the most extensive of applications, converting your wall floor heating to a new central heating and air conditioning system)

Cost Quote or Questions?
Want a cost quote for installation or replacement of your air conditioning unit? Send us an inquiry or give us a call!